Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets should be the sworn enemy of mankind.  They are aggressive and they tend to pester young children, especially in the summer months.

Help get rid of yellow jackets by keeping pet food indoors alongside other protein sources. Like all other wasps, yellow jackets love protein and nothing screams “eat me!” to a wasp more than that delicious piece of soggy dog food in the water dish. To prevent drawing them into your yard, keep pet food indoors during the warmer months or find a way to cover up the food from wasps and other, similar, pests.

Close the garbage cans! Garbage cans seem to attract more than just dogs , cats , and raccoons these days, do they not? In fact, garbage cans are a frequented place by yellow jackets. They like to eat that leftover meat, soda and breakfast syrup that gets left behind.

 Properly seal your awning and siding.  You can stop yellow jackets from getting into your home by properly sealing any awning and siding that you may have. Finding a hidden wasp nest can be difficult and removing them even more so! Throwing hot water on the nests is a good way to get rid of them but be careful as they bite and sting! Cole weather kills wasps, eventually, but you’ll have to seal up the entrance when that happens.

 Soda cans, sugars and proteins attract yellow jackets.  Things of that nature should be sealed away or kept where yellow jackets can’t get to them. According to studies that have been conducted, yellow jackets that ingested refined sugar grew faster than those who didn’t. Keep a lid on drinks in the summer and don’t drink them until you are sure that no yellow jackets have found their way into them.

You can trap yellow jackets in traps! There are traps that are non-toxic to humans that can be set out to capture yellow jackets outside of the house. They should be set out in the warmer months before the queens start searching for nesting ground. By setting them out then, you can stop a whole colony from developing. If you set them out at the start of summer, the yellow jackets should be manageable.

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